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Category: Training

  • From a Manager to a Star Manager

    “Our recent Star Manager training program was a game-changer! Participants unlocked their…

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  • New Year, New Aspirations…

    Ending the year 2022 with renewed enthusiasm, celebrating the small wins, appreciating…

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  • Core Values

    These are the values that define how the organisation functions, how the employees relate to each other, how situations are managed and commitment met with each other and external stakeholders.


    Core values define who becomes a part of the team to who the organisation partners with, to who the organisation sells to and deals with.

    Cocreating the core values for the organisation instills unwavering faith and trust in the system.

    Team that demonstrates core values in day to day dealing at work is the team every owner would dream of.

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  • Testimonial from Osho Chemical Industries Ltd

    What we embarked on under the intervention and direction of Shampi and Manali (Vista) was to make Osho a performance driven organization with a clear vision for the medium term, making all department heads and their direct reports accountable to their roles and responsibilities. To facilitate this we wanted to Transform our Culture, bring in new Leadership and Management Practices and build in Business HR capabilities.
    We have over the past 2 plus years done and noticed some of the following:

    • Crafted our medium-term shared vision with active participation from the whole team and revisited the vision statement each year to keep us focused on our medium termed objectives
    • Reorganized the organizational structure to make it more efficient
    • Signed off everyone’s job descriptions which clearly states their roles and responsibilities
    • Everyone signed up to their goals which are clear, realistic, measurable and time bound; this is the 3rd year of implementation
    • Our salary increments and bonuses are paid based on the performance of the individual and not as a blanket payment percentage to everyone as was the case in the past.
    • Performance check-ins are taking place on a regular basis
    • Active participation in meetings by HODs has noticeably increased and there is improved communication between and within teams.
    • We implement any policies or changes to policies after collaboration from the stakeholders and ensure that the policies are communicated and understood by our all the employees.
    • We have established a cadence of meetings and reviews with clear agenda and template for productive conversations
    • We have become a more open organization and the fear culture is slowly disappearing.
    • As part of the senior management, we have realized the importance of creating strong teams under us in order to have long term sustainability of the organization.


    What makes this intervention valuable is the focus on both strategy and execution, the ability of our consultants to keep us honest to our intentions and driving accountability with the senior management. Their skin in the game, their care and concern for not only the company’s health but also the wellness of our employees has made them valuable business partners.

    Both on a personal level and professional level, the experience that Shampi and Manali brought to the table has been invaluable!


    Thanks & Regards,

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  • Effective Supervisory Skills Training

    Resource Stewardship, Utilization & Productivity

    An employee’s motivation at work= sum of all interactions with their supervisor. A healthy, transparent, direct and purposeful relationship with Supervisor with trust and empathy is a pre-requisite for a successful team. People Management & Effective Supervisory Skills are not a part of the course of syllabus of any academic program, the only way to learn and practice them is by becoming a Supervisor. The training provided insights into aspects of being an effective supervisor at work touching on planning, decision making, communicating effectively, delegating and fostering positive outlook in the team.

    Comments from some of the participants:

    Investing in Employees is directly proportional to increased engagement and productivity at workplace.

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  • Personal Financial Management Training

    Laying a Firm Foundation towards Financial Freedom

    A very practical, relatable and relevant training topic for all age groups for any organization. The training assists in understanding concepts of Financial Planning, Wise borrowing, Investment options, discipline of saving, managing personal expenses. The 180 participants went back with food for thought and head full of action items to instil better financial discipline in their day to day lives. Stress and worry about life events and needs is not left at home when an Employee brings himself or herself to work. Stress is inversely proportional to productivity & efficiency. Organizations that provide tools to create awareness, manage stress in life actually are assisting employees to remain productive.

    Comments from some of the participants:

    Investing in Employees is directly proportional to increased engagement and productivity at workplace.

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