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  • Core Values

    These are the values that define how the organisation functions, how the employees relate to each other, how situations are managed and commitment met with each other and external stakeholders.


    Core values define who becomes a part of the team to who the organisation partners with, to who the organisation sells to and deals with.

    Cocreating the core values for the organisation instills unwavering faith and trust in the system.

    Team that demonstrates core values in day to day dealing at work is the team every owner would dream of.

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  • Vision Workshop

    Team fully immersed in the Vision workshop to craft out the next 3 years vision for the organisation. Example of a co-created vision for a forward thinking family owned business.

    Not a vision creates by a marketing company or owners at a round table. This is VISION crafted by none other than the real stakeholder, the Leadership Team.


    Co created vision creates magic.. full of dreams with deadlines, unnerving energies full of positivity and potential, committments to make it happen, contagious enthusiasm.

    The magic is to be experienced.

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  • Effective Supervisory Skills Training

    Resource Stewardship, Utilization & Productivity

    An employee’s motivation at work= sum of all interactions with their supervisor. A healthy, transparent, direct and purposeful relationship with Supervisor with trust and empathy is a pre-requisite for a successful team. People Management & Effective Supervisory Skills are not a part of the course of syllabus of any academic program, the only way to learn and practice them is by becoming a Supervisor. The training provided insights into aspects of being an effective supervisor at work touching on planning, decision making, communicating effectively, delegating and fostering positive outlook in the team.

    Comments from some of the participants:

    Investing in Employees is directly proportional to increased engagement and productivity at workplace.

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  • Personal Financial Management Training

    Laying a Firm Foundation towards Financial Freedom

    A very practical, relatable and relevant training topic for all age groups for any organization. The training assists in understanding concepts of Financial Planning, Wise borrowing, Investment options, discipline of saving, managing personal expenses. The 180 participants went back with food for thought and head full of action items to instil better financial discipline in their day to day lives. Stress and worry about life events and needs is not left at home when an Employee brings himself or herself to work. Stress is inversely proportional to productivity & efficiency. Organizations that provide tools to create awareness, manage stress in life actually are assisting employees to remain productive.

    Comments from some of the participants:

    Investing in Employees is directly proportional to increased engagement and productivity at workplace.

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  • The Cost of A Bad Hire

    4 Common Hiring Mistakes

    Avoid derailing your organization by learning to spot these four common hiring mistakes. (Click on the tabs below to expand)

    Overestimating an applicant's skill set

    Make sure you know the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses

    Assuming a candidate will adapt

    Make sure you top candidates are highly adaptable or were in work environments similar to your organization’s

    Hiring a poor team player

    If you’re working with a team, it goes without saying that you should hire team players.

    Short-term hires for long-term positions

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    At Vista Management Consultants, we put all factors into consideration when selecting candidates to ensure we find the perfect fit for your organization. We are trusted by many large organizations as a reliable HRM partner. Contact us today for top of the range Human Resource Management services and so much more.

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