Companies are distinguished by their human capital

“Companies are distinguished by their human capital. Their employees’ values, culture and behavior create a highly consistent customer experience throughout the world. More typically,
companies have tried to deliver the brand through advertising. But the real exponential impact comes when an organization’s people are the brand”.

Drivers to leverage Human Capital are not too many nor too complicated. It really is all about “ARM”—Attract, Retain, Motivate. Despite technology advancements providing more opportunities to get to talented workforce, companies are still challenged at getting the “right” people. Once identified, retaining the “Valued Employee” becomes a critical task. Financial resources, trained asset along with intellectual capital are at stake. Vista Management Consultants Limited works with the aim of being Knowledge & Implementation Partners in the area of Human Resources & Administration.

We are a Team of Enthusiasts working on tapping the potential of Human Capital in Africa. We have a vast and extensive experience in Africa, we have well -knit referral network and essential contacts with various authorities across Africa. We have a unique blend of HR, Operations and Legal professionals. We have the rare and much desired cross border experience of managing businesses and people. The experts on our team have handled businesses in various countries in Africa namely- Kenya, DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Ghana, Sudan, Liberia, Tanzania, Cape Verde Islands, Burundi, Republic of South Africa for the past few years in their professional career.

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