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HR Recruiter

Felista Mutio is a member of Vista Management Consultants Limited as an experienced HR Recruiter and Admin Assistant. She is well versed in the complete recruitment process, serving clients’ hiring needs, experienced in various industries. She is also actively involved in various HR consulting assignments and projects, with proven success in HR Audits and documentation. Felista is driven by her passion for focusing on results and takes pride in being able to communicate with individuals from around the world. She has successfully doubled the number of applicants and sourced more than 300 professionals via LinkedIn and alumni databases.

She is experienced in ensuring background checks are thoroughly conducted before contracting uprising talents. Felista believes in life transformation, embracing growth, and adding value to tasks handled and to co-workers as well. It is her goal to make her clients happy and satisfied with great service while at the same time getting joy in the placement of candidates in the various fitting roles. With her high accuracy, methodological approach to problem-solving, strong communication skills, ability to take initiative, and aggressiveness, she can achieve all that is expected of her and with viable results.